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An advanced building management software to cater every needs to perfectly manage a building.

Consumer Electronics

An end-to-end Home Automation platform to make your life smart.

Feature Highlights

Facility Management


Access and control the lights in the common and landscape area remotely. Schedule lights to turn on/off using the portal. Automate lights to turn on/off based on the occupancy. 



Monitor and control the temperature of an entire building from a single access point. Automatically regulate the temperature of any particular area based on the occupancy. 



Surveillance System

Connect CCTV cameras to a single system to secure buildings inside-out. Video feeds can be sorted based on building areas. Access to the surveillance dashboard can be distributed on privilege basis.

Perimeter Security 

Connect various perimeter sensors to our Building Management System to secure your building boundaries and be alerted in-case of any intrusions.  


Emergency System

Our BMS system will instantly sent evacuation alerts to all in case of an emergency. You can also choose to send alerts in selected areas which needs evacuations.

Building Operations

Water Managment

Futurehook BMS solution comes with a centralized water management system. You can monitor the water level in tanks. Maintain the temperature of the supply and return water remotely. Get instant alert in-case of any leakage in tanks or pipelines. 


Energy Management

Monitor the energy consumption rate. Schedule the lights to turn on/off 

automatically, hence eliminating the delay caused in manual operations. Automate your HVAC to operate based on the occupancy in an area which would save a lot of energy and cost.


STP Management

Schedule and management complete STP operations. You can also check the status of STP operations on your dashboard to ensure efficiency.


Schedule the sprinklers to operate at a specific time in a day, instead of manually operating the sprinklers. You can also schedule the fountains to work for a specific time interval.   


Notification and Alerts

Maintenance Notification 

In-case of any maintenance, send mass notifications to all or a group of occupants in the form of app notification, email or push messages.


Promotional Notification

Send promotional notifications to promote products and services available within the building premise.


Evacuation Alerts

Instantly alert the occupants for evacuation in-case of fire or other emergencies.   







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