Futurehook is a Technology Innovation Company. We are a bunch of hardcore technology lovers who doesn’t want to settle. We believe in the evolution of technology and its way of changing human lives.


Engineering and Product Design

At Futurehook we innovate, design and build products for today and tomorrow. 




Technology at Futurehook
Internet of Things

With more and more device getting connected the amount

of data generated is enormous. Futurehook is building products

fueled by these data to build a truly connected world. Futurehook caters IoT solutions to business verticals like Home automation

and industrial automation.

Artificial Intelligence

From machine learning to NLP, AI is a tree of technologies

which enables machines to sense, decide, act and most

importantly learn. At Futurehook, we thrive to take AI closer

to human lives because AI is not here to replace humans

jobs but rather to support and compliment us in

making better decisions. 

Connected Intelligence

If IoT is the sensing part, then AI is the thinking part. IoT devices generate

a huge volume of data and AI will create actions using these data.

The fusion of IoT and AI give birth to Connected Intelligence. Futurehook is

looking at delivering products and services leveraging the innovations

made out of this fusion.



2nd Floor, Phase 1,

Carnival Infopark, Kochi,                                      682042

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Email    : info@futurehook.com


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